Practicing to be an Earth Goddess


I am a birl identified person, or a differently bodied female.

I’m into Love, and honesty. I have an inclusive heart(read polyamorous)  I believe in compassion, and hold it as a true tenent and value in my life. I have a set of goals and values that I do my best to live by:

* Love ALL — life, the universe and everything.
* Minimize harm — no murder, abuse towards ALL.
* No Stealing — against ALL
* Be truthful — do not lie and seek the truth.
* Open your mind — allow all possibilities.
* Be daring! Experiment and learn!
* Be yourself — learn who and what you really are.

These are my core tenents and values. Above by ALL, I mean everything, the universe and everything inside of the universe, and any other universes that we discover, and everything inside of those universes, or whatever!

I spend most of my time doing activism and volunteer work either for the California State Parks, Sex Worker’s Rights, or Medical Advocacy.


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