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Jerry Springer
April 23, 2008, 11:30 pm
Filed under: sexwork

Jerry Springer had a show on ‘Sex for Cash’, that I happened across:

Above is the show, have fun with it. First off, EVERYONE came from the assumption that sex work is evil, except 1 person. Jerry did a horrible job even treating them like human beings. Tons and Tons of violence and verbal abuse. They at least showed a Male Sex Worker, something very uncommon in Main Stream Media(really just media in general).
All of that said, this is the first Jerry Springer I’ve ever watched.. It is oddly fascinating, mostly I think because all the emotions are very high, and it’s nice to know at least my problems aren’t *THAT* fucked up. But unless some stuff for which I care for come up, I hope to never see your show again, and in fact I hope your show changes VERY drastically. Ohh, and Jerry, learn about Sex Work BEFORE you go on the air about sex work next time please.